Thursday, November 20, 2008

Atlanta O'Neill gathering, etc

Hey Ya'll,

I just got an evite from Thomas Wix who was a friend of ours a few years ahead of most of us. Not sure if the evite url will work here but it is:

Host: Thomas Wix
Location: Atlanta
When: Friday, March 20, 7:30PM
Phone: 770-314-0413

Doubt I'll make it but I know a few of you are in or close to Atlanta. Enjoy.

If anyone is ever in the Portland Oregon area look me up! mark at rootsrealty dot com.

Now let's hear some more about those legendary exploits...

Reminds me of the very 1st night I hung out with some of ya'll after just moving in, we stole a cooler of beer from a tail gating motorhome and got drunk in the woods. This became a regular pastime... and I guess old habits die hard. Cheers.


Mathdude said...

I don't remember Tom Wix. What was his claim to fame?

Anonymous said...

Probably nothing more than his folks were buds w/ my folks. Tom was a few years ahead of us; I don't think we were at O'Neill at the same time. They lived a few blocks north of your house on that same main road.

But the gathering looks like it is for any and all alumni.



ROADRASH said...

Tom was a soccer player and was friends of my brother Steve and guys like Matt Beal. He played on a team my dad coached one summer.


I googled "West Point Skateboard Gang" to find this blog. It worked!....weird

Steve Ballmer said...

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