Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Awesome Photos

This was our not-so-awesome sign on our 12 shades of awesome half-pipe (picture from Dave Stewart). Would it have been "cool" or "uncool" to be suspended from the ramp? And how would we have enforced it? Had Clem Adone watch it for us?

The Final 4 of the West Point Pot Smoking Championship.

Doesn't it seem kinda narrow? I remember now all the little beat up spots we had to avoid. I think Huck Tater (2nd from the right) was punking us. He couldn't skate the half-pipe, could he?


motoracerbry said...

Hey,dude's what up!I'ts bryce of the imfamous goldstein bro's.We're still ragin in Cali! The pic's are awsome I skated that ramp near the catholic chapel, IT WAS FAST AND RAD! Hope everyone is good. (Hutch,sammy,pat,david)just to name a few,you guy rule.KEEP ROCKIN!

Jackson said...

I'm just glad my famous face-planting moves were never documented.

Tony Alva said...

Footnote: I'm wearing an Army football jersey I stole from the bench after jumping over the wall after a game at Michie. It was my fav for years until my sister swiped it from me.