Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging Gold

I was doing some rearranging in my basement, and lookee what I found: my senior yearbook, aka blogging gold!

For those of you that know that my avatar was my senior formal photo, but were wondering how that looked in the yearbook (I blogged about it in my first posting), here it is. Pampdog is in the upper left corner. You may understand now why so few of the ladies were interested in me as they were busy fighting, for real - fighting, each other over him. God I was* jealous!

So if that's my Senior Formal, what was my Senior Informal, you ask? Here it is here.

OK, maybe blowing up the school was funnier before Columbine and 9/11, but many of you wish you were in your yearbook blowing up the school? And that's the legendary Clem Aidone's window. Speaking of Clem, here's his picture which is sure to send chills down any James I. O'Neill grad's spine!

Here's my brother's junior photo. It's not as spiffy as his senior formal he uses for his avatar on Facebook, but it is badass. You look like a convict bro! Awesome!
Finally, I found this one scanning through real quick. I have done nothing to her picture. This was her own doing - hilarious!More to come in future postings!



Tony Alva said...

Wow. The doo was looking funky fresh that year. I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure I was sporting a feather earring too. Good times...

dhc said...

OOOOH! CLEM!!! ARRRGH!!! WHY, oh WHY, MD? I was having SUCH a good day....

Actually, Mr. Hughes was my enemy..sort of. I couldn't do anything underhanded without getting caught, damn it. I tried to sneak out of school midmorning once in 1980 with Bill Nielsen. As I got into his car in the senior parking lot, guess who followed down the path?? Hughes...he caught me crouched down on the floor of Bill's POS car. I got suspended, and I was grounded for life. That's the only time I tried to ditch school, I was obviously not very covert and was such a total moron...

Jackson said...

Sometime back in '87 or thereabouts I was hanging out in the Coal Mine's antechamber (Tony's bedroom) and I came across the 1981 yearbook, under my freshman class photo somebody had written 'idiot'. That felt great. Of course the truth hurts.

CHA said...

Is Clem Internet Savvy? YES!
One of the funniest stories, ---and I have many, --- was the late August day when I instructed the custodial staff to "cleanse" the entire building of the "Clem Sux" scribble. The staff was told to search EVERYTHING , (every desk, chair, wall, door and so on), and to completely rid the place of the "Clem Sux" graffito.
I was comforted that school would re-open without even a stray scribble and that the building was, in fact, finally 'denuded' of my untoward reputation and 'label.'
The first day of school was long and stressful in solving glitches to students' schedules, problems with Bus transportation and unmanageable class sizes, etc. At around 5pm as I headed for my car, I heard custodians yell and they summoned me back to the building... and, and, and....there IT was: a missed "Clem Sux" scribble in the 1st floor Mens Room but with an additional word inserted....."Clem STILL Sux."
I recall many, many humorous stories and all make me LMAO !
I'm sure I was tough on all you guys but only to keep you from doing anything wrong (and to 'catch' you doing the right thing).
At age 64 and after 9 years of retirement, I miss those good ol' days and, of course, all of you.
Stay well and THANKS for the memories,
Clement Aidone

Jackson said...

Well, in my not nearly humble opinion, Clem wins.

Clement, kudos to you sir. I hope your retirement finds you happy and healthy.

I wonder where Mr. Rixey is these days? I wonder who else might be drawn out by this blog. Teen Center Jill? Rubber Nutz?

One can only hope.

Beth said...

Clem's kinda awesome. I may have a bit of a crush on him, even if he still sux.

dhc said...

Good sport, Mr. Aidone!!! Awesome. You could have flamed all of us, and instead, you shared a story and followed up with a positive! Way to go.

I wish you well in your retirement!

Tony Alva said...


I echo Jackson's sentiments. You were always fair with me. I hope your retirement is a rich reward for putting up with us.

BTW, it was my brother who designed this blog's title banner. I had nothing do with it and even cautioned him not to do it. I wouldn't blame you one bit if you handed him a five day suspension for that infraction. Serves him right.

Max Q Peck said...

Mr. Aidone, I clearly remember the day in Jan. 0f '82 when you found Tony and myself freely making Xeroxes of our underground newspaper "The Underground" in the teacher's lounge. We weren't just busted; we were cornered. You looked at what we were copying and let us pass. Thanks for allowing a free and independent press at OHS!

fred said...

wow. this is the first time i've ever been truly impressed by the power of the internet to bring people back together again.

i had my runins with Clem and i think he had me thrown out of the honor society and threatened to get in the way of my college plans.

but no harm no foul. i'm with Jackson. Clem is now an icon in my world.

Nancy2 said...

This is great! Thanks for dropping in, Mr. Aidone! (Being part of the Fire Squad, I never had a problem...overcoming my brothers' legacy...well...that's another story.)


(JIO '82.)

Jackson said...

An underground paper called 'the underground'? Wasn't there already an undeground paper in the West End called 'the uderground'? Maybe you should have called it the 'new underground'

Mathdude said...

Or "The Underground Underground".

Max, if you still have a copy somewhere, I'd bet it'd make for some damn fine reading!

Anonymous said...

mrs graber call officer bailey
immediatly is a fraise i remember all to well my mom still has the letter of the greatest description of a bag of pot ever written by clem. Clem really was an ok guy he let me off the hook one chrismas when i came to school drunk he asked what i had been drinking and i told him i was drinking orange juice he told me to behave for the rest of the day
and that was it clems little xmas gift to me mr hughes was really cool too i showed up to school the day after my pop died a very dumb thing to do by the way and he took me into his office and read some bible verses to me and was actually very comforting its really the only thing i remember about school that day i miss all of the west pt skateboarder where the hell is dave its gonna be a gammon thanks to pat phillips for showing me this site and sorry about the run on sentences with no punctuation and the poor spelling maybe if i had shown up a little more for class i would have learned something lol any one wanting to reach me can email me at

Erik Kulleseid said...

Mr. Aidone! A true celebrity comes to the blog.

Jason Stroppel said...

It's funny. I'm one of the younger kids of the people on this thing and I see that even though there's an entire generation gap between us, Mr. Aidone was still a staple. He actually retired when I got to JIO. He used to lecture me about my family's history and how he taught all of them. I can still hear his voice clear as day. I may have thought him unfair, but at the end of the day he cared about the students. Made us better for using a little discipline here and there.

Cheers, Mr. Aidone.

Jason Stroppel