Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's a new Jimi Hendrix album coming out March 9th, Valleys of Neptune. I'm being cautiously optimistic about it, but at least the title track is pretty decent. There are several remakes of previously released material which means probably that they are second rate versions that have been passed over several times since Jimi's death. We'll see.

I was thinking about Jimi on Martin Luther King Day. I was driving around with my ipod shuffle and Captain Coconut came on and I thought about how on my cruise the Red Hot Chili Peppers' version of "Havanna Affair" came up on my ipod as we were passing Cuba (thus making me the most rockin' dude on the cruise, but then we already knew that). See Captain Coconut (from Crash Landing) was originally called MLK, but the extremely white bread musicians called in to fix up Jimi's stuff had no idea what MLK meant. So they renamed the song Captain Coconut.

Anywho, as I was listening to Captain Coconut/MLK on Martin Luther King Day trying to figure out what the hell Hendrix was trying to do with that song, it occurred to me that times were so much simpler back then. Good and evil were so less difficult to identify. Though I'm probably viewing it through rose colored glasses. Today everything just seems infinitely more complex, and I have to admit, more wonderful in so many ways. I think Jimi would have been pleased.

Here is Valleys of Neptune (the song) as a free download if you want a taste. You can go on iTunes and pre-order the album if you'd like as I have. And in case you haven't heard the RHCP version of Havana Affair, it is awesome as well.


Tony Alva said...

From all tht I've read through the years, the Hendrix family, starting with his dad Al, were quirte diligent about recovering all of Jimi's property including his recording which which stolen from Electric Ladyland after his death. It would appear that the Hendrix family has either worked a deal with his orignal record label, or sued their way out of it and is preparing not only to slow roll some unreleased stuff, but to re-release digital remasters of his four corner stones Are You Eperienced?, Axis: Bold as Love, and Electric Lady Land, and Band of Gypsys. I will buy them all. On CD of course...

Del-V said...

I have so many of Hendrix's albums and the new albums are just "Best Of" albums with the same songs. What I would like to hear is more of his live stuff.

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