Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey TA...I found your board!

I was clicking through ebay today and ran across one of the "holy grail" skateboards from back in the day. If you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, the bidding on this one was up to $1600.00 the last I checked.

TA was all over the Dogtown and Alva stuff while many of us had no clue as to what was really cool. My coolest boards from back then are the ones that some dipshit ripped off from under my nose while a couple of us were jumping into those pole vault mats down at North Field. I still wonder if I knew the thief and what ever happened to those boards. One of them was my trusty old G&S Fiberflex and the other was my brand new Sims Superply with Mids and 65mm Krypto Reds.

It never crossed my mind in the late 70's that someday those pieces of wood would be worth some decent $$$$ as collector's items. Of course, I don't think I would be able to part with any of my old stuff...I'm sort of a pack rat for all things skateboard and '67 VW squareback.

It just crossed my mind that Valentine's Day is approaching...hint, hint Mrs. TA


ROADRASH said...

The winning bid was $3100.00!!

Tony Alva said...

Damn! I'll have to shoot some pics of my "vintage" Krypto deck and post it here.

Tony Alva said...

Keeping an old skate was never an option for me. The decks always toasted by going on mad curb slide and axel grinds until they broke or I'd sell parts to make the new deck better. I would have loved to have kept the Sims Brad Bowman Super Man deck and of course my Jimmy Muir DT. It was Da Kine!!!

Mathdude said...

I don't think any of could have kept a board in pristine conditions...even if they'd be worth $3100 now.

Awesome pics BTW!

Anonymous said...

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Mathdude said...

Mmm, red those were tasty!

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