Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Invading The Great Northwest

A small crew of the Rogers family are going to invade Mark Wheeler's neighborhood this weekend. We are flying up to Portland to spend the weekend bombing a really good hill, so we figured we would stop in to see Mark for a quick visit. I'm pretty sure the last time John and I saw Mark was around 1980. All these years later and skateboarding is still helping to bring us together!


Tony Alva said...

Take photos!!!

Mark Wheeler said...

There's a full size replica of Stonehenge there too...

Beautiful area. Sick hill.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Maryhill Road, just across the river from the thriving metropolis of Biggs, Oregon, and about an hour west of the BRIDGE OF THE GODS (cue thunder). I hope you enjoy your trip to Portland - although I can't imagine how one could not. It's been my home since 1993. Love it here.

Irene G

Mark Wheeler said...

Irene! I think I remember you from a past life. I've been here since '95; love it here too. We live on Mt Tabor. Hope to see you sometime.

(That should read ...about an hour east of the BRIDGE OF THE GODS...)

Anonymous said...

I'm directionally challenged. After so much time on the east coast I still think of inland as west and ocean as east. My bad. I can't tell my left from my right either so I right R and L on my shoes.


P.S. I'm in Laurelhurst. I have friends on Tabor...SE Scott Drive...SE 66th Place...and I take my muttley TIMO to the Mt.Tabor dog park almost daily. We've probably run into eachother and didn't know it. Small world.

ROADRASH said...

Sorry no photos! Anyway, Mark looks the same as back in the day...just add a beard.
A big thanks to Mark and Michele for taking time away from their Friday to put up with us. They have a sweet old house in what seems like the coolest part of Portland.
A nice hike up Mt. Tabor, Thai food for lunch and we were out of there.
Maryhill was a blast. Rain, wind and cold on Sat...sun, wind and cold on Sunday.

Some event photos here: