Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visit To Highland Falls...

I've been teasing the Facebook crowd about my recent venture to Highland Falls NY with my family and a few chance encounters at the fabulous Park Restaurant while dining with Katie Fairy Godmother. Well, I hope I don't disappoint. Let's see who can name the folks in the photos:

Hint: One handed down stern words and associated fines to yours truly, the other ruled the roost with an iron fist.

Here's another good one...

Say Anonymous, last time this guy was in as close a proximity to me he was about to punch me in the face. See, we can all grow up. Who is this guy?

The young lady hugging my daughter is her Godmother and did her best to make Neanderthals look decent in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Who is she?

This young lady has a teenage son, an older sister who is rumored to live in my town here in GA, and an older brother named Barry. Care to guess?
Have at it folks, and don't be afraid to drop a comment below.


Mathdude said...

I got nothing.

Tony Alva said...

Shameful that you can't get the second one, and at least who Katie's Godmother is.

coolmomma said...

OK Mrs. Starr is in the first one.. she was the hall monitor..
THen you have mr. Weissman.... he taught me bookeeping... Of course we all know and recognize Katie's Godmother... MaryJo Blackmon. I need to look at the gentleman w/Mrs. Starr.. M

Tony Alva said...

You're two for four... That is not Mrs. Starr.

Mathdude said...

Why was Mr. Weisman going to punch you in the face? Was it because you were such a disappointment to him in Consumer Ed after I had him?

Anonymous said...

Was that Inga Quantaince(sp.)?

Tim Hoy

Anonymous said...

1st-The Quaintance's, Inga and Mr.(Don't know his first name)
2nd-Mr. Weisman-he's still alive????
3rd-MJ-I haven't seen her in years! She hasn't changed a bit-except the hair is straighter.
4th-Andrea Graziano--One of the nicest people I've ever met!

Gina (Servedio) Hughes

smiley said...

The only comment I have regarding the IDs is: I got no clue. So these were chance ecounters? Who recognized who? That must have been fun.

dhc said...

Only one I got was Inga Quaintance. Is Mr Lee senior, or does he have a different name?

Tony Alva said...

Ding ding ding! Gina get them right. Walt Weismann and his wife were first to grab a table next to us. The last time we talked, he was threatening to kick my ass for telling Mr Macurio to fuck off out in the hall outside his classroom. He's still a crabby dude, but we had a laugh about it.

The former Mayor and current Town of the Highlands councilwomen along with his honor Judge Charles Q. were next to grab a table. MaryJo introduced us to them and I mentioned to the Judge that he'd had me on front of his bench back in the day.

Of course, Katie's Godmother is MaryJo Blackmon. She was the only hair dresser whom any of us long hair guys would trust with scissors near our heads.

And finally Andrea Gaziano who waited on us. I had to show her my FB profile picture before she would believe it was me. While we were there, her teenage son stopped by and made us all feel old.

Jackson said...

I recently checked out Mary Jo's offspring's FB pages. Lindsay looks just like her mom. It's scary.

Old and gettin' older,


pampdog said...

Ok, stupid question: when we are talking Quaintence, are we talking Lee Quaintence? What's that guy up to?

Tony Alva said...

Charlie Q was Lee's dad and judge on the HF bench, his mother Inga served as mayor of HF for years and has been a councilwomen for the town of the highlands for years now. Lee is an uber successful stock broker from last I heard.

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