Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bloggosphere Guide

Like TV Guide, Only More Self-Promotional
If you haven't already headed over to Jackson's blog to check out his Up To 1984 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Hold the Stoners music guide, you should check it out. Despite getting the Judas Priest entry almost completely wrong and not allowing Hendrix under some made up exemption, he's pretty much got it right.

Don't go to my old blog Eating Chicken Vindaloo, though, because I've stopped posting there. Up-bup: can't do it. I may someday come out of retirement years from now better than ever after my baseball career in the minors embarrasses me.

Out with old, in with the new. I started a new blog: James I. O'Neill Class of '81. It's purpose is to reconnect my old high school class in the way this blog has reconnected the WPSG. Feel free to stop by and see what your fellow O'Neill-ites (O'Neill-ers? I think I like O'Neill-ers better) are up to.


pampdog said...

How about ex-O'Neill inmates? Or, the ex-cons of O'Neill? Hey, what about the post-O'Neill people's revolutionary party? Or, the de-indoctrinated survivors of O'Neill programming camp? Just food for thought.

Mathdude said...

Actually, your first idea is a future posting here.

Jackson said...

My Judas Priest classification was spot on. I'm sorry you enjoy their later, crappier stuff.

Hendrix will be included in the next round.