Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best AC/DC Album

I'll admit I don't know much about the newer releases, but from where I'm sitting, Back In Black and Let There Be Rock are the 2 finalists. I really liked Flick of the Switch, but there's no great song on it that compares to ones on our 2 nominees. I started listening to AC/DC with the US release of Powerage, and it also is a favorite of mine, but again, no great songs to make a good case for it. Highway to Hell barely gets nudged out of the picture in my eyes. It's almost good enough to make this a "Final 3" posting. What's left? High Voltage? Dirty Deeds? For Those About To Rock? Not even close on all 3.

Why Back In Black is their best album: It's got the ubiquitous You Shook Me All Night Long. Next best song? Hell's Bells? Maybe. I like that Trevor Hoffman comes into a game with that one blasting. Givin' the Dog a Bone passed for clever double-entendre back in the day, and I guess it still does for someone as immature as me. Let's see, there's Shake a Leg and Have a Drink on Me...really, all of it is good stuff. Hard to make an argument against it as a whole. BIB sold about 10 billion times more albums than any of their others. The vocals are not as limited as Bon Scotts'. The coolest thing about BIB is the memories of driving around in Savage's Challenger blaring it. Here we were worried AC/DC was going to be ruined with the death of Bon Scott, and BIB was amazing!

Why Let There Be Rock is their best album: I'm drawing a line in the sand here (you writing this down?): Whole Lotta Rosie is the greatest rock song ever! Up-Bup: don't argue. You'll only make yourself look foolish. Let There Be Rock is very good and Bad Boy Boogie has one of Angus' best signature-style solos. The rest is also really good stuff. The production quality doesn't compare well to BIB, but that's ok in AC/DC's case.

So which album gets it? I gotta say, Let There Be Rock has something that BIB doesn't. It never became popular! That sounds contradictory, but when BIB was in its heyday, alot of people adopted it, which is cool in a way, but not so cool in that our music was a means to piss people off. With everyone diggin' it, BIB goes down a peg for me. For this reason, I'm making it official: Let There Be Rock is AC/DC's best album! Let the hating begin.


Tony Alva said...

I would have added Highway to Hell for sure.

Hells Bells is perfection.

Q: How does a band of misfit Ausies honor their friend and singer who died of accute alcohol poisoning?

A: Penning the perfect tribute that is "Have a Drink on Me".

pistols at dawn said...

Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution is one of the hardest songs ever to make it all the way through. Just because you dress up like 13-year-old schoolboys doesn't mean you need to write songs like them, lads.

Dr Zibbs said...

Let there be Rock for sentimental reasons.

mike said...

I agree with Tony that Hells Bells is perfect. My favorite AC/DC song is actually Thunderstruck. And as great as Bon Scott was, I like Brian Johnson better.

The true test of a band's greatness is how they sound live. I have seen AC/DC twice, and I swear if I closed my eyes, I would have thought the CD was cranking in my truck. It is unbelievable how un-produced their music is.

there was this girl I ,uh, knew back in college. One night she was all drunk and showing off and tried to insult me by screaming, "I bet you like AC/DC"

What a dumb bitch. Who doesnt?

Jackson said...

Phew! That was close, almost had to lambast. You chose wisely.

Bon Scott's vocals limited? Compared to what? B.J.'s upper mid range screech far less dynamic than Bon's trashy whiskey swagger.

'High Voltage' is # 2.

Mathdude said...

I can't help but start humming "Whole Lotta Rosie" whenever I come across a woman whose measurements resemble 42-39-56. Then I imagine her in bed and I usually throw up in the back of my throat. How much weight is "19-stone" anyways? I'll Google it.

Mathdude said...

266 lbs! Wow, that is a whole lotta Rosie!