Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Judas Priest

The Metal Mega-Gods Judas Priest have a new album out - Nostradamus. I'm getting killed over at Eating Chicken Vindaloo for thinking it's got some worthwhile tracks. Jackson likes the early studio albums. I find the albums before Hell Bent For Leather to be nearly unlistenable. Am I right? Eh? Of course I am. Unleashed In The East had some of these dogs (The Ripper, Diamonds and Rust), but played at the faster live speed and with some final polish, they came out ok. I listened to Unleashed over the weekend, and while Halford had that 4 octave range back then, I think his voice is stronger today.

Priest peaked with British Steel. Up-Bup. Don't argue, you know I'm right!

Screaming for Vengeance was decent. It has Fever on it which I think is arguably their best song.

I really dug Defenders of the Faith. I put it up there with British Steel. Go ahead and blast me for it. I don't see a bad song on the album.

I concede Nostradamus takes a nose dive after the 5th song on the second disc. There is an excellent 35-40 minutes worth from these 2 discs though. What does that make it then? I say it's pretty good.


Tony Alva said...

There is so much wrong with every word of your post that I can't begin to dissect and address it.

Any cred you ever had has been lost.

I have nothing else to add.

Mathdude said...

Ha! The silent majority has spoken in my favor! I am so right on this subject!

Jackson said...


Don't listen to this fool, he knows no Rock.

Tony Alva said...

Tony: Hey mathdude put some rock and roll on the old stereo.

Mathdude: Rock and roll? What's that?!