Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Are You Listening To These Days?

Huck Tater writes:

Bad Motor Scooter---Montrose (back before Sammy Hagar sucked)
Stranglehold (back before Ted Nugent sucked)
Toys in the Attic (back before Aerosmith sucked)

.....sensing a theme here?????

I have a feeling there could be some 'spirited' discussion about music then and now on the blog. I have kinda wondered about what you fellas are listening to these days and what made the cut as far as holding up over time from our high school days. Just to put out one of my opinions (Pat P. can tell you that I have a few opinions from time to time) Ted Nugent did not stand up to the test of time. A few songs make the cut but....'Intensities in Ten Cities'??? More like "Milktoastities in Ten Cities'. Everything after the Double LIve Gonzo is crap.

I would be truly interested to hear what is on people's current playlists. If you haven't moved beyond the 70s or 80s as far as music goes please also include a photo of your mullet.

Please feel free to call me an asshole but I won't change my mind.

I would also be interested to hear what everyone is up to these days. Pat P is the only guy (My brother excluded) that I know anything recent about. That sort of thing is probably a blog entry but I thought I would put the question out on email. Jobs, hobbies, kids etc.I will put up a post about my sometimes other than glorious (beer truck driver and 3 years in the army) and fairly glorious (going to Antarctica for 4 months and getting a PhD) past 25 or so years.

Hope you are all well


Jackson said...

I always wanted to put a 57 on a Marshall Plexi in Antarctica.

What? You mean you didn't like the Damn Yankees?

Mathdude said...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rocks, even if they are a bunch of stiffs live.

billions said...

I still spin old Kiss (Alive and Destroyer), Maiden Killers, and UFO and find they still stand up. Oh, Thin Lizzy still fucking rocks...turn that shit up.

I drove to work just a week ago listening to B.O.C's "On Your Feet or On Your Knees" Still dug it.

Over the years I've become a big bebop (as in Jazz) fan and anything from Elvis' fat years.

coolmomma said...

What's funny is Ethan is totally getting into classic rock with this Wiim Guitar Hero. He can now play songs on Medium and blows his Mother away. He says if he ever see's Slash, he's going to get his autograph. I told him I wasn't sure Slash liked kids!

terrydixon said...

Great site! Thanks for letting me know Chris! Ok, Nugents music isn't great but the memories are!Remember when we went to Con(or Jersey,I was stoned)? We met him and then it took forever for us to get home. We kept running out of gas! We had to sell weed to a trucker that stopped to help us! That is STILL funny!! Who all was with us? Help me out Pat, I know you remember. Wasn't it Palmer, Wheeler, Chuck Butt, Peter Small?