Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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John, what's up? What are you doing hanging out with fucking douchebag Matt Dubois? Right, you were really hanging out with the girls, and Matt happened to walk into the picture. He may not have been the biggest asshole during our reign of West Point, though. I'd rank Mike Devereaux and Frank Fey higher and that Nielson asshole, not Mike from Stony Lonesome - he was cool and funny as shit - the other family that was at WP but moved to Highland Falls. The wrestler asshole. Whatever. Matt was a huge dick in my eyes, too.

I blogged about Matt already on my blog and got several funny insults hurled his way. I hope this doesn't come out as being all negative and shit. I'm mostly amused by the vast majority of the people that didn't like us back then.


Jackson said...

Was it Matt Tosselini(or something like that)? The wrestler dude? I'm pretty sure he died from some sort of cancer.

ROADRASH said...

Visions of Dubois and his goofball buddy "disco" dancing at the teen club are permanently burned into my mind. Surely one of the most damaging moments of my childhood.

Ann said...

Look at the hot blond jailbait in the front row !

This photo very possibly captures the last time Lauren Palladino was friendly - of course she does look like she is trying to get away...

Please also note that the girl who is actually "with" Matt Dubois is covering her face. She must have known enough to cloak her identity so posterity wouldn't be able to remember who she was. Matt's douchey amigo was something Zajak -it is possible his name was Pat Zajak? If so, I'd like to buy a QP.

The dude in the smooth backwards hat is Mike Simms - I don't think he was around by O'Neill, so this must have been 8th grade. John was the new kid - awwwwww.

Cathy Bard, Jackie Sundt, and Betsy Buckley round out the rest of this crew.

Tony Alva said...

McNut's gets them all correct!

Ann, didn't Disco Doobie date Kate Pollock forever? I think that's her covering her face.

Ann said...

She is hiding, but I bet you are right. I can't honestly say I remember her dating Dubois. He was already in High School, but apparently was only getting action at WPES? The person I recall being the head of the Dubois and Zajak fan club was Kelly Strope, whom I believe eventually fell into the arms of your comrade in arms,Hutch.

I really enjoyed your commentary on growing at WP. Perhaps only someplace so homogenous can be as idyllic.

Jackson said...

Betsy Buckley! Wow. Anybody in touch with her.

Mathdude said...

I thought Maureen Crowley was sitting in front of Disco Dubee. Am I wrong?

Mathdude said...

And Jackson's 1st comment is classic Debby Downer! Wah-wah.

Chris Pollack was the wrestler asshole I was thinking of. Why'd I think his name was Nielson? I'm getting old people!

Tony Alva said...

I'm pretty sure that's Katie Pollock... Mo Crowley was down with that crew though.

Matt Tosselini was a GREAT guy from HF. He survived cancer twice, but died falling off the roof of Joseph's Restaurant when he was called out in the midst of a rain storm to fix a leak around 1990.

Mathdude, You're thinking of Curt Neilson I think. He lives down here in Atlanta and actually played a minor part in my getting hired at Dial Call/Nextel 15 years ago. He was sort of a jock doofus, but harmless. He was good friends with the Director who hired me and Curt and his wife were actually living at my boss’s house having just moved here. Curt was working at the firm who placed me. It was surreal walking into his office and filling out paperwork and such. We talked for an hour and laughed a lot.

Ann said...

Alright - the second you get to thinking "why is Freaking Ann McNulty in this conversation at all?", just tell me to "get out". I only started because I couldn't resist jumping on the Dubois bandwagon and that photograph is weird in a number of ways.

When I first saw the picture, I didn't think it was Betsy Buckley either. The girl in the picture is wearing nail polish, and nail polish was not a BB thing. In fact, I thought that person was a guy until I saw the nail polish. Maureen Crowley is a name I know well, but my brain infrastructure has crumbled a lot and that bridge is completely gone. All of this aside, I gotta say that is Betsy. She is wearing the WPES Track team jacket and she was crushing on Mike Simms back then.

Jackson - The last time I actually saw Betsy was in the early '80s. Because this is a badass forum, I would like to point out the Betsy Buckley was WP's Original Gansta. She and I broke into every edifice on post before the middle of 8th grade. Mostly we just ran around scaring people and f-ing with cadets, but there were a couple of instances of pretty serious destruction of property. I will never share the details. Betsy was accomplished at mischief as a 12 year old girl. My favorite failed conspiracy was attempting to avoid being confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church. This pissed off my parents more than the destruction of property would've, had they known.

Late in the last century I read an article in The Atlantic Monthly about people going to Central America to buy coffee. It mentioned a Betsy Buckley, so I did a little research and found her in Atlanta where she had a couple of coffee shops with her brother, Booth. I sent a message to her via her website, but never heard back. Her father died recently and his obituary stated that she was "of San Francisco, CA." Thats where the trail ends, I'm afraid.

All the Nielsens were OK. Curt was the jock, but never an asshole. He talked to me, and not a lot of the "players" did. Mike and Whitehead were the brothers in Stoney Lonesome. Whitehead played lacrosse with Lagasse. Let their names be cleared as well as Tossellini, who was a great guy and a friend to everyone. There were cousins, Mike and Matt. Which one is dead? The had a very nice sister/cousin too. Linda (?)

So, I showed the photo to my husband last night and he thought the John R. was me and that I was a guy. Fuck him.

Tony Alva said...



You attempted to avoid being confirmed? Wow, that must have actually taken some effort. I took the "Okay, but I'm not doing shit" route in the hopes that I'd not punch all the tickets needed, or get too many demerits to qualify, but alas they passed me anyway. I didn't mind.

Did your confirmation resistance affect your job answering phones at the church?