Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Max Q. Peck Classic

Max posted another classic video on YouTube a little while back, and my involvement in it, of course, only adds to its sheer genius.  Go check it out if you haven't seen it yet, and then come back here.  I've got several things to say about it.

  • First off, Max was doing some background filming for a skit he was putting together where a guy draws one of those "Tippy" pictures they had back in the day to sucker people into thinking they were artists (remember those).  Well, this guy mails in an atrociously sloppy rendition, but somehow manages to become a big-time artist until his life takes a downturn spiral, you know the story. Classic Max Q. Peck irony.

  • TA and I came in, intellectuals that we are/were, totally unscripted, arguing about the meaning of life and how... ok, we were arguing about whether or not I could beat up John Rogers given that he has a black belt and I have have considerable size on him.  Take John and me out of the equation, and I still stand by taking the bigger guy over the martial arts guy.  Mock me all you want. 

  • We got an anonymous heckler here at the WPSG blog a little while back. I literally have no idea who it was, but I got the impression it was someone who felt slighted by us back in the day.  To anonymous I say that no matter how much we may have made fun of someone back then, we were way harsher on each other!  We totally mocked each other day in and day out.  We could dish it out, and we could take it.  This episode is absolutely representative of our interactions when we hung out.

  • My absolute favorite part of this video is that I'm wearing an MIT hoodie!  How awesome is that?  I look like a friggin' homeless guy, but I got an MIT hoodie.  I think my parents were like,"Look, my kid's not some loser going to RCC, no sir! He goes to MIT!"  I don't remember the circumstances in getting it (it was probably a Christmas present), but I think it went something like this.
Me: Wow, an MIT hoodie, thanks mom.
Mom: Say, listen, if anyone asks, you go there, ok?



Mathdude said...

Hello, MP's? There's this homeless guy walking by my house and...wait... oh, he goes to MIT. Never mind.

Brian said...

Nice clip. Excellent camera work- kind of like "Unbreakable" ( without Bruce Willis )Vintage WPSG. My favorite bit is at 1:04 (or thereabouts)--the left hand closes slightly and I'm thinking that Pat is flashing back to the cafeteria in 8th grade- Karsten Goff is grabbing his stuff -NOOOOO... BOOOOM...The legendary left hook has struck. Ahh well, anyway, between a baboon and John , I'd have to mess with the monkey.

Tony Alva said...

Yipes! I'm wearing a Naval Academy sweat shirt! What an outstanding video. I'd put my money on John Rogers kicking the crap out of my brother even today

Mathdude said...

TA: A fool and his money...

dhc said...

Love the very diplomatic way Sam says "I've come to the conclusion that John could beat the living shit outta you". Classic.

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Matt Saldivar said...

I had that MIT hoodie for years. I wore it to Middlebury. That's also where I lost the G&S Warp Tail that I bought from Dave Pope in 1980. They come and go... Big ups to the pantheon of West Point personae.

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