Thursday, July 26, 2012

OK, How Do I Write This Dang Blog Thingie Again?

Whew, it's been awhile since I've blogged, probably since around the time Facebook took over the world, and that was what, like 10 years ago? Anywho...

So I skated over to my brother's house tonight... Oh hells to the yeahs bitches!!! On my Rogers Brothers Street Luge longboard no less!!!

Hell ya I rock!!!

Wait, let me back up.  I was at my brother's 30 year high school reunion last weekend up in New York.  I know, right, he is old!  Anywho, WPSG alumni Dave Rogers, Budha, and Hutch were in attendance, and many a belly laugh was had as good times were revisited.

L-R: Budha, Mathdude, Tony Alva, Hutch, and Dave Rogers

At the end of Saturday night, Dave pulled out a bunch of brand spanking new Rogers Brothers Street Luge longboards and handed out one to each of the old gang!  Unbelievable! I don't know about you, but the number of times I've given out gifts worth hundreds of dollars is... hold on...carry the 3... um, NEVER! Dave, I gotta say we were all blown away and greatly appreciative of your generosity.

Once I got home, I went online and ordered wheels, bearings, trucks, mounting screws, base plates, and grip tape which I got today and put together.

My Review of a Rogers Brothers Street Luge Longboard
First of all, you can shut the hell up already with the cracks about being too old to skate. Dave skates, and he's a year older than me. Sure it's been awhile, but I practically lived on a skateboard for many years, and once I hopped on SWEET MOTHER OF GOD THIS THING IS FAST!!!!

Since I got the black metal board (versus the wood one he was handing out), I opted for red 65 mm Krypts (along with the matching red grip tape not shown above). I don't know how much change has occurred in the skating world, but the combination of these wheels on this board is considerably faster than what I remember skateboards being.  I'll admit to being a little rusty and having a little trouble with the wide turning radius of a longboard, but really the only trouble I had was avoiding accelerating to Warp 9.9 on even the mildest of hills.  The ride is exceptionally smooth.  And fast. Did I mention the fast part? Even skating uphill wasn't too bad as long as the hill wasn't too steep.  My feet sat very naturally and comfortably on the deck, and I got the urge to go into a tuck whenever the board accelerated down a hill, though that was never something I was into, and in no way do I see myself doing that anytime soon.

John and Dave (titled "Rogers Bros. Street Luge & Stand Up Ass Puckering Run 2) Ass puckering indeed!

We'll see how often I use this thing, but I can definitely see myself skating from car to office at the campus I teach at, and I can see myself skating from time to time over to my brother's house and maybe even for funsies around the neighborhood and golf cart paths.  For you other guys looking to equip your board, if you have the wood board, the standard 7.5 inch truck ought to be sufficient, but if you got a metal board like I did, you might consider getting a wider truck. I got all my stuff at Warehouse Skateboards online and got my order 2 days after I ordered it.

As I was exiting my brother's neighborhood, an annoying old lady working on her lawn yelled over to me "You better put on a helmet!" Screw you, you old bag! If the collective efforts of my parents and the West Point MP's couldn't get me to wear a helmet, what makes you think you can?